Workers' Education

LEARN’s education program will focus on developing LEARN as a workers’ school where workers come to develop their capacities as leaders of their organizations and the broader labor movement. It will also help develop labor educators from working people’s organizations to ensure that these organizations are able to develop their own education programs and respond to their own labor education needs.


  • Labor Union Leadership Academy (LULA)

The Labor Union Leadership Academy (LULA) is LEARN’s flagship leadership formation program. It aims to provide a venue for workers to sharpen their capabilities as leaders of their organizations and as leaders of the wider labor movement.

The LULA is composed of two leadership formation programs: the Labor Union Leadership Formation Program and the Genuine Workers’ Cooperative Leadership Formation Program. Both programs include tracks wherein enrollees will undergo a series of courses that are aimed at developing a set of skills, knowledge, and mindsets useful for different roles in their organizations. Each track will also give enrollees the opportunity to put into action what they have learned through guided practicums with the assistance of mentors from LEARN and experienced leaders.


  • Labor Educators’ Forum

The Labor Educators’ Forum (LEF) is envisioned to be a venue where labor educators can further enhance their capacities in doing education work in their own organizations. The LEF shall provide opportunities for labor educators to share experiences, discuss relevant labor issues, and advance labor education praxis.

While emphasis will be given to the LULA and LEF, LEARN will maintain giving trainings, seminars, and workshops by demand, independent from the LULA track offerings in order to cater to the emerging needs of workers’ organizations.